One Dark Knight ********** A Short Story ************* By Christophorus

The Comfortable Couch
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A simple knight staggers through a dark and fog infested woods.  In his arms he carries to what seems to him, the most precious possession in the world.  He has the embodiment of love, cradled in his embrace.  The knight is very careful with his love, for in her bosom, blossoms a rosy red perspiration.   She doesn’t move at all on her own, not even to draw a breath of sweet life.  The only movement is from her arms swaying as the knight does his best to hurry to safety. 

His only thought, “Dear heavenly Father, Let it be my light you call home, for this earth is still in need of an angel from your special collection.” 

The knight stops for but a moment to catch his breath and check his path.  He looks down at the love in his arms and releases a tear and a sigh.  He turns in the direction he believes is right and continues to hurry to refuge.  Battle worn and weary, the knight shows nothing but a determination to protect this sacred love from all that would do her harm.  Ever so slightly he starts to feel the dampness of her life soak into his tunic, telling him to quicken his pace.  The fog slowly starts to lift and above the treetops, the silhouette of a simple castle can be seen in the distance.  His heart starts to pound harder, he knows that time is growing short. 

As the knight continues to expedite his mission, again he loses himself briefly to his thoughts, “Please lord, I will gladly pay any price, only let this Angel live.”  The knight repeats this silent prayer as he breaks through the edge of the forest into an open grove. 

With the light of a harvest moon shining down upon him, the knight halts once more to catch his breath and to survey his surroundings.  To his front is an old castle that seems to have been deserted many years before, but appears to be still sturdy enough for refuge.  The knight turns his gaze to the sky to notice a swarm of clouds in the distance bearing ill tidings of a storm.  He adjusts Love in his arms as he sets of once more and makes haste to the castle. 

He approaches the old bastion’s main gate right as the water of heaven starts to pour down on him and his charge. The knight repositions her to gain use of an arm to open the ancient wooden doors. He gives the rusty bolt a hard turn and pushes the portal open. He slowly swings his body inside careful of the beauty that he carries.  A quick glance around foray, the knight notices the entryway to the parlor on his left.  As he was hoping for there is a dry fireplace with ample wood for a fire to warm the cold lifeless form in his arms. 

The knight carefully lays Love on the old rug in front of the hearth and begins his work to bring life once again to the fireplace.  He takes some of old rotted pieces of wood and splits it into small kindling.  He then proceeds to remove his flint and steel from his pouch to strike the sparks of life into the dried kindling.  While at his task the knight glances over at the body lying next him to see no change in her condition has occurred.  To his dismay no miracle has been granted yet.  After several tries, the knight is successful in starting the warming flames.  He stands up and unclasps his cloak, which he lays over the love he had tried so hard to protect. 

The knight kneels beside his Angel and begins to weep over the life he just lost due to his failure.  He had tried so hard to protect her, gave every single ounce of love in him to save her, but in the end it still was not enough.  He complete drowns in thoughts and doubts of his failures when suddenly he feels the gentle touch of a soft hand caressing his cheek.  He opens his eyes and feels disbelief sweep over him.  The woman lying before him was looking up at him when not moments before she was as lifeless as the building in which he sought refuge. 

With sound of rumbling outside from the raging storm, he strains to hear her voice when she whispers, “Why are you crying, my brave knight?” 

The knight wants to answer her, but cannot control the flood of tears brought on by relief.  After a few moments of looking into those life filled eyes of his Love, words find his heart. 

The knight manages to say in broken speech, “I thought I had lost you.  I’m sorry.  I failed you in the woods.  I wasn’t strong enough to protect you like I had vowed I would.” 

The knight started to cry uncontrollably, knowing he had disappointed her and could not stand the pain of that thought.  Again he felt another gentle brush of her hand against his cheek.  When the knight looked into that angel’s eyes, he did not see the disappointment that he expected, but instead saw a pure and unconditional love. 

The angel looked deeply into her knight’s water filled eyes and spoke softly, “My love, I know deep in my heart that you gave everything to protect me, in that you did not fail me.  The chains of true love connect us, and those bonds, forged in heaven, can never be broken.  My brave knight, please. Do not cry, for you could never lose me.  Our hearts are one.  I love you.” 

The knight, speechless, could think of nothing to do other than to wrap her in his arms and kiss her sweet mouth.  He held onto that Angel as if he was falling in love with her all over again. 

With his wits about him again he quietly prayed, “Dear lord, I thank you with all my heart, for you having given me a second chance at the greatest of all your gifts, the gift of true love.”  With that the knight drank of his Angel’s crimson lips and vowed to never leave her side again.


The End