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We would like everyone to enjoy the selections below.  Even though we are a general fiction site, some of the stories below might contain more adult themes.  We are not an erotica site, nor do we intend to put violent stories on this site.  However, some of the stories do contain some instances of mature themes.  They will be marked after the author's name with an M for adult themes, and V for some violence.  Any story that doesn't have these two letters are for general audiences.  Thank you.

One Dark Knight A Short Story by Christophorus

Room Enough for Two by Lorelei (M)

Backstage Pass by Lorelei (M)

Unprofessional: A Law & Order SVU Story  by Lorelei (V)

The Muse  by Luckymama (M)

La Manzana de Su Ojo by Luckymama

Homecoming (A Chico and the Man story)  by Luckymama

Letters from the Road (A Freddie Prinze story) by Luckymama (M)

Eternal  by Ana Moreno (M)

Halloween at the Beach  by Mariposa

A Van Nuys Fantasy (A Freddie Prinze story) by Mariposa

Dancing With Frankie Delgado by Ana Moreno (M)

Ed's Halloween Hallucination ( A Chico and the Man story) by Mariposa

Dreams Come True  (A Chico and the Man story) by Mariposa

Los Regalos Del Corazon (The Gifts of the Heart) (A Chico and the Man story) by Mariposa

In Harm's Way CH 1-5 (A Crime Drama) by Luckymama (V)

In Harm's Way CH 6 (A Crime Drama) by Luckymama (V)

In Harm's Way CH 7 (A Crime Drama) by Luckymama (V)

Faith by Shadow Unicorn

In The Darkness by Shadow Unicorn

Natural Beauty by Shadow Unicorn