Cry For Me ************************** by Lorelei

The Comfortable Couch
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Cry for me

Do you ever cry for me?

Now when we cannot

Truly talk or touch

Do you feel

As acutely as I do

Our separateness

In distance

In time

In experiences

And do you wish

Your tears

Could wash it away?

On those days when

Our only tie is thought

Have you mused

On my self-hate

In which I am drowning

In spite of your love

In despair of our meeting

Are you sorry

And would you

Move the mountains

To change things?

At night when you wake

And want to reach for me

Does knowing that

I might never be there

In the dark

In your bed

In your arms

Make you long rather

To be crying

With our ecstasy?

Though sometimes I say

I would like to see you cry

The way I so often have

In desperation

In longing

In loneliness

That is the only way

I really want

To make you cry for me…