Natural Beauty ********** by Shadow Unicorn
The Comfortable Couch
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It is early morning.  The sun has not yet peeked its golden rays over the horizon.  A rain that had finished just moments before, has soaked the small valley with rich nutrients of distant river, carried miles in the air as soft white clouds.  The sun finally shoots a ray of light over the mountain's high peaks, igniting the sky with its glorious light.  Colors of gold, orange, bright red, magenta, and pink swirl across the horizon, reaching further and further like a slow dance in the sky.  The earth below answers back without hesitation, as the light catches on the rain drops still lingering on everything, creating such a sparkle, that everything appears to be covered in diamonds.  This prelude of elegance is nothing compared to the brilliance of the sun itself as it starts to rise above the mountain bringing forth its radiance to shine upon the land.  This simple valley, for a brief moment, possesses more beauty than the most coveted treasure in all the world.