My Hero **************** by Shadow Unicorn
The Comfortable Couch
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Faery tale dreams consume my thoughts

Handsome knights upon their steeds

Princesses locked in tallest towers

Waiting desperately to be freed

Magical creatures roam the land

And deep within the sea

Evil wizards cast their spells

Like my dreams cast over me

Noble hero journey on

Waste no time on me

Continue looking for your maiden

For my hero you will never be

A knight fights for mercy and justice

In a land that shows him none

He will fight for his maiden fair

Until her heart he's finally won

Protects her from all evil

Using all the things he knows

But can he protect her from herself

For that is her most dangerous foe

Noble hero journey on

Waste no time on me

I'm trapped deep within myself

I will never again be free


Her ice cold lips are yearning

For a kiss that is true love's first

His hand strokes her hair gently

His heart feels it could burst

He looks at her with longing

And wakes her with a kiss

She returns to her reality

The heavy feelings she'll dismiss

Noble hero journey on

Waste no time on me

The world is at its darkest hour

And our love just cannot be

There is no noble hero

Come to love me true

Only in my dreams he lives

And there is nothing I can do

Maybe I will meet one

Filling my heart with laughter

Quickly come to me my hero

And we will live happily ever after

Noble hero journey on

Together we shall be

I'll love with all I have to give

My hero you shall be