Me********************** by Shadow Unicorn
The Comfortable Couch
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Look at me.

What do you see?

Who do you think I am?

A friend? A foe?

Or just a girl you talk to?

You know my name,

But it is not the same,

As knowing me.

You call me your friend,

My feelings mend,

You say things will be okay.

Is it true or false?

You don't know do you?

Do you care?

It isn't fair.

You forget me.

Hope is gone,

I've gone beyond,

Anyone's understanding.

Sorrow, anger -

Why do I feel so alone?

The tears will start,

And break my heart.

Please help me.

Words bend,

You say you're my friend,

But you don't even know me.

Is God here?

Does he hear my plea?

I sit in fright,

This lonesome night.

Comfort me.

You take my hand,

And then we stand,

Looking eye to eye.

A hug, another,

And then we begin to cry.

We will never part,

'Cause you know my heart.

You know me.