In The Darkness ********* by Shadow Unicorn
The Comfortable Couch
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A darkened road, no one in sight.  The only light is from the silver moon, whose silky rays flow through the trees like glittering waterfalls of light.  A gentle breeze sweetly sings a mournful song of night, while creatures call to one another across its vastness.  A sparkle of light dances swiftly on the tree line, there but a fraction of a second, the disappearing into the darkness again.  It appears once more, further up the road, this time lingering long enough to take the form of a four legged creature, yet still masked by the shadows of the trees, so as to hide its identity.  A clearing appears up ahead.  The sound of a bubbling brook can be heard at its far edge.  A third time the figure of light shows its radiance.  Its head is bowed towards the water, creating ripples on the smooth surface of a small pool created by the stream.  Its head jerks up at the sound of foot steps on the damp earth.  It stares while is mane and tail flow in the breeze, and the moonlight dances on its slender form.  A white mare.  A shimmer of light bounces off an object protruding from its head.  A horn.  A unicorn.  almost as if it knew it was discovered, it turned and fled into the safety of the forest.