Crying Girl ************* by Shadow Unicorn
The Comfortable Couch
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There is a girl in the corner crying

Tears swelling in her red eyes

The room is full of other people

But they all just pass her by

For what they see is just not there

A smiling face so bright and clear

The sorrow's hidden from their sight

They just can't see the fear

She is slowly disappearing now

They do not see her go

Becoming a part of the darkness

Letting the depression grow

The wall that she created

To protect her from the pain

Has finally turned against her

She will become the slain

No one will come to save her

They do not see her cry

She has given into darkness

And in darkness she will die

There was a girl in the corner

But no longer is she there

She ceases to be living

She had no strength to care

Will anybody miss her

Now that she is gone

Life's cruel fate has killed her

It played her like a pawn

I know that I will miss her

I just wish that you could see

You knew the girl in the corner

The crying girl was me.

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